Dream Journal : Burrito Battle Dog

So admittedly this one was pretty weird…

A crowd of people were gathered around a snowy field, watching and waiting for a fight.

I was close to the front – apparently I was maybe a “competitor” somehow – and so I had a good view of what was about to take place. Two corners, divided by some kind of track dug into the snow, and at each end were two robots … robot dogs.

And what made it really weird was when I realized that my side only had one robot dog, and the other position was taken by my actual dog, Cleo!

I was worried for a few minutes – why was my dog going to be fighting robots??? Surely she didn’t stand a chance against these metal beasts, right?!

Then I saw the thing that changed everything – for whatever reason, one of the opposing robot dogs had a giant burrito strapped to its back, and a moment later when Cleo noticed it, too, she just went ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NUTS!!! 

I’d seen her bark incessantly at the neighbors in their driveway, or do all but tear through the front door to get at the squirrel hanging out in our tree in the front yard, but this was much, much different! It was like she turned into a rabid, frenzied version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and when the bell rang to start the fight that also consequently woke me up, I knew that Cleo wasn’t the one to be worried about in this battle… 😉

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