Dream Journal : Coughing Asteroids

You ever have one of those dreams that tries to interpret senses that your body is actually experiencing at that time in real life???

So I’m still sick, albeit finally getting better. But last night I hit a point where I was coughing pretty bad in my sleep, eventually to the point where it woke me up.

But before it got to that point, I was a starfighter pilot! I wasn’t the last oneper se, but apparently on this mission I was racing through an asteroid field that was a little strange.

In fact, the asteroids themselves were coughing … they didn’t have silly mouths or faces, mind you, but were simply making a noise that distinctly resembled human coughing … much like the actual coughing that I was doing in real life, unknown to my subconscious self!

This story doesn’t really have much more than that – I just thought that it was kind of interesting because it happens from time to time when maybe the TV will be on in the background or there will be a really bad storm outside, and subconsciously my body still senses those things and somehow works them into my dreams. Kinda strange, kinda neat… 😉

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