I should probably emphasize for the sake of the famous people involved that this was just a dream and didn’t really happen, although it would’ve been really cool if it had! 😉

So I was at home visiting Northern Michigan, and at random I found myself touring a beefed up version of my old house, except that somehow now it was connected to several other houses on the block in one long row and you could look out through glass windows down onto the backyards of each home as you walked down this long hallway that connected all of them. I was walking down the hallway with Miss Parker, who played the role of that hot teacher everybody had in high school, except now that I was older, somehow she actually cared about what I had to say.

She was definitely still the hot teacher, though! 😉

When I pointed out that we were looking down at my own backyard, she seemed intrigued and we went down to walk around outside, where I pointed out a few things from my childhood and made her laugh by citing both the shed and the club house that had gotten so infested with wild animals that they’d had to be demolished. As we neared the front of the house, I disappeared to go take care of something at the gas station down the street, which was where I found…

…Jonathan Coulton was randomly playing at a gas station in Northern Michigan! He was all by himself save for a manager-type guy who was hovering by him, but didn’t seem to mind as I first stopped just to verify what my eyes were seeing, then did my best to frame up a tweet so that I could post that I’d just seen Jonathan Coulton playing at a gas station in Northern Michigan!

I had trouble lining up the photo with all of the gas pumps, so when his song ended, I asked him quite frankly what in the world he was doing there, to which he cited that actually a lot of his band mates lived in the area, so it was easiest way for him to work on his new album by coming to where they all were. We chatted for a while because not a lot of other people were recognizing him, and then things got really weird when I asked if he wanted to go into space with me… 😯

Of course, being the awesome guy that Jonathan Coulton is, he graciously accepted my invitation without hesitation, and by then a couple of his band mates showed up and they wanted to come, too. We went somewhere to a ship that we called the Arcadia, which kind of resembled a group of seats from a roller coaster where all of the seats had pull-down harnesses, and everything was in white. Inside the dream, it reminded me very much of a Calvin & Hobbes adventure, as if deep down somehow we all knew that we were just imagining together, but it didn’t matter and for all tends and purposes, we were going to space!

Except that we didn’t, and once we blasted off, we visited other places on Earth instead. I don’t remember them all because this is when I started to wake up, but somehow I remember traveling to visit Moe and Principal Skinner from The Simpsons. I’m sure that we went other possibly less fictional places as well, and I’d like to think that somewhere along the way maybe we stopped and picked up Miss Parker because let’s be honest, chicks dig space ships, but that’s when I woke up and rushed to write down the epic dream of where I not only flirted with my grade school teacher crush, but then also got to (sort of) go into space with Jonathan Coulton.  :mrgreen:

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