Dream Journal : Where’s the necklace, Sara?!?!?!

Boy, was I apparently pissed at my wife last night … at least in dream world, anyways! 😯

So the scene started out with everyone in my family gathered for some sort of holiday feast – likely Christmas, because that’s the holiday I usually spent with my Dad’s side of the family. I was mostly around my cousins, as I was growing up, and at one point I remember getting scolded by my Grandma for not eating everything out of a bowl before handing it over to be washed.

My Grandma passed away a few years ago, so that came as a bit of a surprise!

Anyways, segue to another gathering in another house – I’m not really sure whose at that point – and right before we were about to pull some things out of the freezer to start on dinner, I just started berating my wife because apparently she had lost a necklace that I’d given her on our first anniversary together. I was pissed! And even though it was getting dark and we all wanted to settle in for dinner, I insisted that we get in the car right then and there and go back to the place where she lost it so that we could find it.

Now this is where it got a little weird because the place was actually some random person’s house – no idea who it was, but we kind of entered without asking for permission to look around and then had to sneak back out when she came home. Most of the searching was out in the yard – all I remember is that there was a lot of dirt involved, and at one point I went to go get something out of the car and somehow our car was on top of a giant hill that you could only get to by climbing straight up it and I couldn’t make it to the top.

I almost got there, but as I reached for a clump of dirt to pull myself over the edge, the whole thing slipped out from the ground and I fell probably 10 – 20 feet, this giant swath of dirt landing on top of me.

So now we had two problems – find the necklace, and also find a way out.

Eventually we decided to change our efforts and look for the way out instead. I guess it was kind of like a video game – we discovered that if we could get this random item, we’d magically be able to get back up to our car … it was something with wings or whatever … I don’t know. But it basically involved us going back into stranger lady’s house and finding a secret passage in the basement. After working our way through a small maze, we came to another lady who was kind of the gatekeeper – she had a computer in front of her, and for whatever reason, she was in a video store. 😕

We discovered that the thing that we needed was in another room behind her, so Sara snuck past her while I kept her distracted with a long line of customers behind me. We talked about video rentals and her system was really weird because none of the movie titles showed up as you would expect – for example, the classic Die Hard was for whatever reason in her computer as DIE HARD 0, and you had to get the name exactly right if you wanted to take the movie.

In hindsight it makes me think of a lot of corporate jobs – it was needlessly complex and only the person doing the job understood it, and she didn’t want to change it because it offered her job security, even though it didn’t make any sense and ended up just being a big pain in the ass for everybody else! 😛

Well, apparently she didn’t do all of her job right because at one point I saw some flashes in the corner of the screen showing that her ID had logged in at a different terminal – it was Sara using it in the other room to get the thing! But rental lady never really caught on, as she was too busy arguing with me about old Family Guy episodes, and when I glanced back in the room’s direction and saw some glowing thing float across the room and through the wall, presumably to the outside, I knew that we were good to go.

I’m not really sure if we ever did find the necklace that Sara had lost.

I also remember a cut scene at one point where I was either biking or running with another of my cousins, possibly on the way to dinner though it was the wrong side of the family for that, and when I asked her how far as had to go, all she would say was, “Oh – it’s only 29 … it’s not that bad.”

I couldn’t get her to tell me 29 what…

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