iPads in the Movie Theater? No thanks.

This seems like … an ill-conceived idea at best.


(via Yahoo! Games)

Granted, I think it’s a neat idea at home, but it seems like theater-wide use would have a couple of issues:

  • Dozens of people playing on their iPads all at once is going to get pretty noisy, even if the app itself has no volume.
  • Movies at the theater are expensive enough as it is without factoring in distractions from the app and other people that might diminish one’s enjoyment of the movie itself.

And I get that this is pushing more of a community experience with sing-a-longs or whatever, and kids movies typically aren’t as engaging as what I would expect from an adult movie, but it just really seems like this is a new feature better left for DVD or Blu-Ray. Of course that said, there’s probably a relatively small percentage of users who actually watch additional features on their Blu-Ray/DVD purchases as it is, and lest we not forget that Disney has really been pushing hard to re-release in theaters a lot of their older content anyways.

I don’t see this particular one going very far, although thankfully even if it does, the chances of me getting stuck in a movie theater with a bunch of kids pounding away on their Moms’ iPads in the middle of the afternoon is slim to none anyways…

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