NES Lego Mosaic #2 Begins!


Didn’t feel much like writing last night, so I started revisiting my concepts for my next NES Lego Mosaic, and low and behold I actually already had a fair number of the bricks that I need for it! I used up pretty much everything that I had and now need to order what’s left, as well as figure out a background color because I don’t think that black is going to go as well with the characters themselves being outlined in black for this one.

I’ve also got some new ideas that I’m entertaining for how to hang these things once they’re done that might look a little better than my original plan of just gluing a picture frame hanger to the back of the plate, so I’ll let you know how that goes once I get a chance to buy some stuff and do a little experimenting.

Can you make out what this one’s going to be yet??? I kinda spoiled it in my last post, though you’d probably have to have actually played the game to be able to make anything out at this point… 😉

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