Slowing down on da blogging…

I probably won’t be blogging as much here over the next couple of months, though exactly to what degree I’m not entirely sure yet. The simple answer is that I’ve just got a lot of creative projects on my plate for 2013 and if I want to see them all through, I’m really going to need to stay on track and at this point I’m a little behind with the first one that I’m working on already.

Of course, I also have some other projects (like the ones in the header of this site?!) that have fallen a bit behind to differing degrees, and I want to remedy all of that in time, too.

I wish I could say more because I’m really very excited about the potential for some of these … this could end up being a pretty big year for me if one or more of them “hit,” but we all know that I can’t go letting the cat out of the bag just yet… 😉

So I’m sure I’ll still have plenty of posts here – random videos that I find amusing, blurbs about fun stuff that I do on the weekends, and even the occasional political rant when I simply can’t manage to otherwise avoid it, but at the same time hopefully my posts do die down just a little bit because if they do, that might just be a sign that I’m actually getting some of my other work done, too.


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