Some Early Holiday Cheer Around the Magic Kingdom…

Just one other quick post with some random photos that I wanted to share – after the movie, we slipped over to the Magic Kingdom to walk around for a bit and I was a little surprised to see the majority of the Christmas decorations already up!

And here I’m not allowed to put anything up until after Thanksgiving … from what I could tell, they pretty much had everything save for the Christmas trees themselves in place. The garlands down Main Street were all lit, which I can never seem to get a decent picture of, the castle lights were lit and a part of the nighttime shows … another sight that apparently my iPhone camera didn’t feel like capturing, but one thing that it was willing to entertain was a few photos inside the Christmas shop in Liberty Square, which had some cute merchandise and I don’t simply say that because some of it was baby related and, well, you know!

The last few are ones that I kind of enjoyed from the window displays outside of The Emporium, where they now have the highlights from A Christmas Carol.  Do you have any idea how much that last scene used to scare the crap out of me as a kid?!  😕










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