Stripped: The Comics Documentary

I SOOOOO can’t wait for this film to finally be done!

It’s kind of hard to believe that I first contributed to that Kickstarter over a year and a half ago, but for what it’s worth, all of the previews and teasers that Dave & Co. have trickled out as they feverishly worked on this project make no indication that the final product is going to be anything less than pure gold. The interview clips that we’ve already seen have been outstanding, and I really hope that they figure out some way to share the unedited, full-length interviews at some point because I have a feeling that when it’s all said and done, this is one of those things that I’m going to want more of because much like the Webcomics Weekly podcasts that the gang used to do, even not being involved with webcomics anymore I still feel like I get a ton out of their work simply as an independent creator and the podcasts have always been great to listen to in the background while I work or when I need a bit of an inspirational pick-me-up.

Anyways, just thought I’d share because they’re actually doing a supplementary Kickstarter right now in an attempt to raise a little last-minute cash for crazy licensing fees and final touches to make the film even better, so you should definitely think about donating if you haven’t already because it’s an easy way to pre-order the movie like I did and the neat thing is instead of just being profit if you buy after the fact, your donations can go towards cramming even more greatness into what looks like is going to be an already incredible presentation!

Seriously, if anybody, these guys truly deserve it and I can’t wait to see the final product. I’m going to take my salesman hat off now, but I leave you with a couple of great shorts from the film that they shared recently. I’m not sure which one I love more – the webcomics one, both for its 16-bit style and inspirational vibes in my own present situation, or the newspaper one, simply because it’s crazy to think that there was a time not that long ago where there was a lot of money to be made from newspaper syndication.

I used to envy Dave Barry for having his humor column in the Miami Herald … I guess I still do, but I’m not exactly considering it as a viable option for my own career in this day and age…

Thanks a lot, Internet! 😛

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