When it rains, it rains REALLY REALLY hard…

So this has been a less than stellar week:

  • Paid a bunch of money to finally get the HOA off my back by getting our front yard re-sodded.
  • Discovered that the lawn guys didn’t do a stellar job because the sprinkler system wasn’t working/was half working by the time they finished (admittedly 1 zone was failing when they started).
  • Worried that expensive, new lawn was going to die because sprinklers weren’t working reliably.
  • Spent several hours rooting around the yard to try and figure it out on my own … realized that they couldn’t find some of the sprinkler heads and just laid the new sod down over them anyways instead of telling me.
  • Paid a sprinkler repair guy a bunch of money to come out and fix the sprinkler mess … in two hours, fixed the broken zone, replaced a few broken heads, and in total found 9 sprinkler heads that had been buried under the new sod.
  • Worried about future workings with lawn guys because they’re still supposed to re-plant our garden, plus they mow our grass every week.
  • On a completely unrelated note, went to get in my car for the first time in three weeks … and it won’t start!


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