Deniers Gonna Deny…

I’ve got to hand it to Bill Nye when he goes on programs like this because it’s gotta be like wandering into the loony bin with a handful of candy, but it’s clearly where the argument needs to take place because you’re never going to move the needle just preaching to your own choir.

Still, the Ken Ham analogy pretty much sums up a lot of these “debates” because just like no amount of evidence will ever persuade Ken Ham to consider another way of thinking, every single scientist on the planet joining hands and singing the woes of climate change in unison still wouldn’t be enough to convince these climate change deniers that maybe it’s something that actually needs to be taken seriously.

Granted, the host is pretty much the worst of this particular video, as she’s so full of her own agenda that she won’t even stop talking long enough to give her two guests a chance to debate with one another. Typically when one hosts a debate, isn’t it pretty much a standard for the host to remain impartial and only guide the discussion while the two sides on the stand actually do the debating???

Watching that train wreck of a Crossfire segment helps you understand how this episode from years ago with Jon Stewart just ragging on them actually came to be…

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