Dream Journal : Bullied

It was like I was in the middle of one of those made for TV movies…

I was coming back to school after being out for some reason, and it was kind of a big deal. I was really happy about it, and after parking in the school parking lot, I guess I was just sitting in my car listening to music before going inside.

For some reason, I was sitting in the backseat.

I remembered hearing a good song come on the radio that I enjoyed, and I was just sitting there chilling out, and all of a sudden I noticed that my own car was moving. A few new cars had pulled in around me, and when I looked forward, one of the guys in my class had gotten into the driver’s seat and was moving my car. Apparently he hadn’t liked how I had parked too close to his car, which was fine, but after he re-parked the car a couple of rows over, that’s when it started to get ugly…

He started joking with his friend as he took my keys and got out, and he made the motion like he was going to chuck them across the parking lot. Once I realized what was going on, I started pleading with him not to do it and they both laughed for a while, then he finally threw the keys at me in disgust.

That’s when I finally broke down and screamed, which led them to walk away shaking their heads.

I got out of my car after them and envisioned punching my bully in the face, yet somehow I knew myself that in reality it wouldn’t actually go down that way. The two were standing on the other side with my car between us when one of my teachers walked up and pulled me aside, and said, “I’m going to send you home for the day – it’s the only thing that I can do anymore to protect you…”

I looked up at him confused and asked why I had to go home, and he continued.

“They just saw that you were happy, and they latched on … like they do. Somebody saw the things in your car this morning when they heard that you were back, and they could see that you were doing better, so they came out to mess with you. It was entertainment for them when you went out, and now it’s just entertainment again that you’re back. They’re not your friends. I’m sorry.”

It took me a few moments to process what he was saying, and I’m not sure if I entirely did, but I got the gist that everything about me was just a show for my classmates, which threw me back into a rage again. Looking at the back of my car, the trunk had somehow opened and was filled with the things that I had been so excited to bring in for my classmates – apparently baking supplies, some of which I had bought specifically for the guy who was provoking me.

I started throwing things on the ground and randomly threw some of them at him, who at that point just stood there staring at me as he got pelted by these bags of flour and sugar that were being thrown at him by the crazy kid.

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