Dream Journal : Lego Heights are still Heights, etc…

So apparently I was at the top of some hotel that was doing this competition with Legos – I don’t really know much about it, save for that me and a friend were sitting on maybe a 5×5 spire that was extremely high up in the air.

And it was really starting to get to me!

The perspective got a little better when I mentioned my extreme fear of heights to my friend who, after doing some very dickish joking around that a man hundreds of feet up in the air with a fear of heights in no way appreciated, then showed me that there was apparently a lot more to the platform than just what we were sitting on and once I climbed down a little ledge, I could stand on what was the actual roof and suddenly there was much more room and I could see all of the other Lego models that they had built around the roof for this promotion.

Of course, when the people showed up to finally bring us back down, that’s when I had my camera out and wanted to take pictures of all of the new models … but I was rushed down pretty quickly because someone had reminded me that I was terrified of heights!

There were also a lot more people doing the competition when it came time to come down than I realized … maybe they each had their own scary Lego spire to sit on at opposite corners of the roof or something … I don’t know.

In another dream last night, I had a review with one of my teachers from grade school and that was really weird. Apparently we had to leave comments “reviewing” our teachers and one that sparked a lot of attention referred to one teacher’s class as “a pyramid scheme” … to which the teacher seemed to take great offense!

In another one, for some reason my sister had started calling my Dad by his first name instead of Dad. That was also kind of weird.

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