Dream Journal : Robot Chickens

I was a GoBot … or a close friend of the GoBots, I’m not really sure…

It was that classic moment where the evil aliens were invading Earth and people in the city streets were thrown into a panic. Things must not have been going well because we were eventually driven back to City Hall, which coincidentally doubled in disguise as the GoBot Command Center. Shortly after I made it inside, I began to see on the monitors just how bad things were getting to be, and that’s when whoever was in charge made the executive decision that it was time for us to leave.

The doorways shuttered and the outer, stone facade of the building began to breakaway, revealing the ship that it had been disguising as the engines fired up. The powers that be tried to remind us that we would return once we were in a position to tip the tables and save humanity, but the funny thing about this particular dream was…

…we totally didn’t! 😯

As the “One Year Later…” text flashed across a view of our space station orbiting a moon far, far away, the scene soon cut to many of us inside watching a movie in the theater that had previously been the giant monitors displaying Earth’s destruction. At one point it seemed like I had been tasked with solving a puzzle that would be pivotal to getting us back into the action … but in reality it turned out just being to fix the GoBot jacuzzi that happened to have been on the fritz lately.

Sorry, humans.

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