Dream Journal : Truckin’ Giant Butterflies

For the first memorable segment of last night’s dream sequence, I found myself behind the driver’s wheel like I was more than a decade ago at my old job, apparently with a very busy week ahead of me…

  • First I was to drive from Northern Michigan down to Indiana and back, for reasons unknown.
  • Next I was to drive up into the deep UP and back, again for reasons unknown.
  • And then finally, I was to drive out to Las Vegas and back for the purposes of helping a girl to move.

Can you guess which trip I was looking forward to the most?!

Of course, in reality that’s a lot of driving – something like 14, 14, and 60 hours worth, by quick estimation – and there was even a part of the dream where I had stopped at a motel and was even wondering how I was going to have any time whatsoever to sleep during this whole ordeal! Yet I was looking forward to stopping and taking pictures of the Grand Canyon along the way, even though I didn’t really know where in route that gigantic hole actually was… 😛

But apparently I did make it back safe and sound because the second memorable segment of last night’s dream sequence took place at my Mom’s house, where I was doing like I do on most of my trips north and slowly sorting through all of the junk that I left behind in her basement when I moved more than a decade ago.

There was something that I didn’t have any plans of taking, though, and that was this gigantic bug that I discovered that seemed to grow a little bit bigger every time that I turned back. Being me, of course, before I could properly dispose of it, I had this ambition to take a picture of it, so I disappeared several times trying to find my camera, each time coming back to see that it had grown a little bit larger until finally it was nearly the size of one of my tie-dyed wall hangings that hung over one of the windows!

It was big and neon orange, and beginning to get rather creepy, so after I finally took a picture where I could barely fit it into the frame, I spooked it and it “flew” up and away. I thought that it was done for at that point because I heard my Mom cheering and saying that “Cleo got it!”, but when I came upstairs to find everyone else all outside on the deck, I found that Cleo had actually trampled a monarch butterfly that was really just normal-sized.

It was probably just as best, though, because at the rate that thing was going, as much as I wanted to think that she’d have pounced on it and just torn its giant wings to shreds, in reality it probably would’ve scooped her up and flown away, like gigantic bugs are wont to do… 🙁

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