I don’t want to be about politics.

I think I’m going in the wrong direction. Sort of.

I’ve gotten into a couple of big discussions/arguments on Facebook recently, and when I look back at them, not only are they eating up chunks of time that I could be using for anything else, but I don’t really think that they’re helping to move the needle in either direction, either.

This post is an elaboration of a tweet I posted earlier:

The problem I have is, I do feel like politics in general has become more relevant and important to me as I’ve gotten older … and yet whenever I try to have a discussion about it with anyone who doesn’t agree with me, I get very angsty and angry and regretful afterwards, usually wishing that I hadn’t even brought the thing up in the first place. And don’t get me wrong – I still think that both issues are very important in today’s world (#1 was the Hobby Lobby/contraceptive ruling, #2 was climate change denial in the media), but when I look back at the end of my day, I want to be content about what I did that day and spending hours upon hours arguing with my conservative relatives over things they’ve been arguing about their entire lives somehow doesn’t seem nearly as rewarding as hey, that thing you shared last night was pretty funny!

I originally posted that tweet above as kind of a joke,  but the more I think about it, the more this is something that I think I need to work on. Because as much as I’d like to change the world through social issues and science comprehension, I think I’ve personally got a better chance at doing it with funny jokes. That’s just me. 😉

So with that said, here’s some random stuff that I’ve recent found funny from around the Internet…

  1. Man Creates a Kickstarter to Make Delicious Potato Salad
  2. ClickHole (yes, the whole site)
  3. Independence Day Letter to America From the British
  4. Steve Hofstetter Gets a Heckler’s Girlfriend to Ditch Him
  5. Chainsawsuit – The Slope and How to Slip It

Hey, we almost made it through the list! I suppose when politics and humor clash, we’re just going to have to err on the side of humor and take it one step at a time… 😛

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