Is Avast becoming bloatware???

It drives me nuts every time I go to install an update to Flash (every other day?!) and I get prompted to install Norton Whatever-the-Fuck-It-Is 2014 for the umpteenth time … but I kind of get it, because they get a few bucks from each install and I don’t pay them a dime for Flash. Ok…

But apparently I just learned that now Avast is doing it, too, and the problem with this latest update that installed this SafePrice Toolbar browser add-in is that it didn’t prompt me before doing it. Or if it did, that prompt flew by real quick because the first time this toolbar triggered when I was shopping on Amazon, I was sure that my browser had gotten hijacked:


It’s easy enough to uninstall by going into the Avast settings under Chrome -> Extensions, but the point is that I shouldn’t have to because it shouldn’t install itself in the first place unless I ask it to. That’s a big no-no for software companies, or at least for software that runs on my computers. Might be time to start shopping around for the next free anti-virus suite if they’re going to start being sneaky like this. 🙁


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  1. Avast IS bloatware, I stopped using it a year ago and glad I did because it has got worse with their sly installs of unwanted programs… YES this does happen with auto update too!

    I ended up with NOD32 – no pop ups nothing, what a relief also, guess what my machine runs hell of a lot faster too, so Avast like others have become a hogger.

    The uninstall procedure given in the previous post is lacking..!

    Before doing anything you need to go into Avast GUI and -:
    1) Disable it’s self defense module
    2) Un install in add remove programs
    3) Search for any Avast AND Alwill folders to delete
    4) Using Reg edit and ‘find tool’ search for and delete ALL Avast and Alwill folders, keep doing this until no results found.

    Note: Some Avast or Alwill entries in Reg edit are protected and can not be deleted – WRONG they can, you will have to alter this in the ‘permissions/security’ window for the said folder.

    Also do not rely on Avast removal tool it leaves a lot of crud behind a manual uninstall is the way to go.

    Avast HAS become as bad as malware and bloatware itself! You can tell a good AV from the forum they keep that is how I found NOD32, it ain’t free though…..

    Nothing is free, nothing! All free stuff are free for a reason AND it’s not just to get people to buy otherwise it would be a trial version wouldn’t it!

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