movie thoughts … The Amazing Spider-Man 2


So I think this was one of the first movies that we weren’t able to see at the theater on account of parenthood. We had snuck in Captain America 2 just before bringing Christopher home from the hospital in April and that was decent. I would’ve expected this one to be awesome on account of how we left the theater with the last one, but … no.

Just no…

I remember thinking when the very first trailer or pictures or whatever came out for this that Jamie Foxx as Electro was going to be pretty ridiculous, and they certainly managed to live up to precisely those expectations because good grief, did that character feel like he’d been thrown together by a five year-old who was hopped up on sugar during recess! The whole premise just didn’t make sense – he got his powers because he fell unsupervised, and he was blue, and apparently in his little isolation tank he doesn’t need air to survive, and sometimes he can fly, and sometimes he’s an entire building, but he’s not really, blah blah blah…

The back and forth between Gwen and Peter got tired pretty fast, too … she knows, yet she’s self-centered enough to think that he should spend time with her instead of saving people – real classy lady you’ve got there, Parker!

Plus, I hated the weird flashbacks of her Dad all over the place – they just felt cheap and out of place. It was a lame idea in the first one anyways because he literally vowed to break his oath to her Dad in the course of maybe 10 minutes.

Granted, all of this didn’t really help the fact that  we’d paid something like $20 to buy it On Demand because it was listed as a New Release, but too early to actually rent – only to all-out buy. We had decided to splurge because it was the only thing I wanted to see and we hadn’t gotten a lot of alone time together recently, plus we’d have spent more than that on it in the theater anyways.

Though FiOS wouldn’t have given us such a hassle trying to watch it without distortion had we been at the movie theater…

There’s honestly really not much left to say … oh yeah, except that the new Green Goblin was absolutely awful, too … Willem Dafoe and James Franco both executed that role exponentially better than this new guy did. The whole character felt very forced, from introduction to confrontation.

I find it a little odd that the third installment isn’t scheduled until four years from now when traditionally 12-18 months is pretty standard in between episodes, but even if life does make it a little easier to sneak out to the movies a few years from now, I don’t exactly see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 being at the top of my list after this $20 abomination that I’m now stuck with a digital copy to watch whenever I feel like watching a really bad movie. 🙁

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