Nevermind – I like not knowing…

So this was an interesting finding that popped up a couple of days ago! 😯

Apparently there was an update to the Login Failure Daemon (lfd) earlier this week that played with the settings for when you get notifications for brute force attacks and whatnot. Mind you, these are happening all the time and no doubt still took place in troves before the update … and yet it still doesn’t make it any creepier to see these things flying through by the dozens, even though they’re all just automated scripts poking around randomly for exploits wherever they can find them.

It kind of reminds me of hearing about a decade-ish ago when the service packs for Windows XP started coming out, and were really important because it was said that an un-patched Windows XP machine could get exploited within a matter of about 45 seconds after placing it online without a router or anything in between to act as a buffer!

I need to go figure out how to turn these stupid notifications back off… 😛


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