Something in the Way She Moves

I’ve always loved this song as a great relationship song, albeit it’s actually meant different things to me based on the relationship that I happened to be in at the time.

It’s the third verse in particular that gets me with my wife, Sara…

It isn’t what she’s got to say, or how she thinks or where she’s been.
To me, the words are nice the way they sound.
I like to hear them best that way, it doesn’t much matter what they mean.
Well, she says them mostly just to calm me down…

We’ve been married going on  seven years now, so maybe it speaks to how the two of us communicate these days. There have been times when I feel a little frustrated because it feels like we don’t always have as much to talk about as we did years ago when we had just started dating, and god knows she’s had to listen to me repeat my stories I’m sure dozens of times! Yet in a way we’re kind of at this point where it doesn’t even matter what the words are anymore … sometimes, anyways … because just hearing them in the first place from each other is the comforting part.

Plus, I guess I just like the idea of the sound of a woman’s voice being powerful enough to bring peace to her partner, which I’ve witnessed with Sara firsthand as well…

Pretty song. 😉

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