The “Mystery” of the Mario K’Nex Blind Packs

I’ve never really been much of a K’Nex fan, although I do have a few random sets from the Mario Kart series that they have. That said, I was at Target this evening … and maybe it’s just because I already completed The Simpsons and I need something new to collect … but I saw a box of the Mario blind packs and started sorting through them.

It was when I got the hint that they’re really not all that blind that I decided to pick up a handful of them just to play a hunch!


I couldn’t help but notice that on the back of each pack there was a code, and although the code was identical for each one in the box, what was different from one pack to another was that each had a specific number in the code underlined. 

No … that couldn’t be the difference between all of the figures, could it?! 😮 


0514048 – Bullet Bill

0514048 – Diddy Kong

0514048 – Cheep Cheep (0 double-underlined)

0514048 – Toad

Of course, my luck I ended up picking the least desirable of all the characters with not a primary like Mario or Bowser or even Yoshi in sight! Still, I suppose if I wanted to go back and grab the others, it wouldn’t be too difficult now, assuming that they’re not all picked over and all that’s left are Toads and Diddys. At this point I’m not sure if I’ll do that or not … at first glance I thought they might look neat on a shelf by all of my games once I get ’em unpacked and find room for them, but there are some other toy lines that have made Mario figures that look arguably better, so we’ll see.

Man, do I SO WISH that Nintendo had signed this series with Lego and not K’Nex, though!!!

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