The Simpsons Collectible Minifigs – first look!


(via Reddit)

So it looks like the second set of The Simpsons Legos rumors are true as well, and everything seems to be coming up Milhouse lately!  8)

I’m kind of curious to see what they end up doing with the characters for this series … will they tie them in as a supplement to the house and not include the core family 5+Ned, or will we see those 6 as kind of the core default characters with then only another 10 from The Simpsons universe to fill out the rest of the series???

I can see it going both ways, although the display picture above seems to imply that Homer will be at least one of them (because he has normal eyes and not sleepy/stoned eyes like in the house set). That’s a tough cut to make – I could easily fill a 16-character run without doubling up on anyone else from the fab five!

  1. Apu
  2. Chief Wiggum
  3. Principal Skinner
  4. Moe
  5. Krusty
  6. Milhouse
  7. Nelson
  8. Otto
  9. Reverend Lovejoy
  10. Dr. Hibbert
  11. Mr. Burns
  12. Smithers
  13. Grandpa
  14. Comic Book Guy
  15. Ralph
  16. Barney

And mind you, I also ended up making this list while I was trying to cull the herd for the list above…

  1. Duff Man
  2. Patty
  3. Selma
  4. Lenny
  5. Carl
  6. Bumblebee Man
  7. Kang and/or Kodos
  8. Mayor Quimby
  9. Professor Frink
  10. Snake
  11. Kent Brockman
  12. Itchy & Scratchy
  13. Fat Tony
  14. Cletus
  15. Willie
  16. Mrs. Krabappel (in memoriam?)

Ok, so that’s two seasons worth of minifigs right there – who else did I forget?! 😉

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