The Simpsons … Legos … together?! AY, CARAMBA!!!


(more photos and press release via The Brothers Brick)

Well, I guess we know which Lego set I’m going to be getting next!

I was actually a bit skeptical of this set when I first saw the Homer and Flanders minifigs leaked a month ago because the oversized heads looked a little weird, and now having seen the official photos … I still think that they look weird, both just because of the heads themselves not to mention the eyes that make half the characters look like they’re either stoned or at the very least, up to no good…


In a way, they remind me of those horrible plastic head cases that they did for some of the DVDs that were a pain in the ass to fit on a shelf that I bought one of, ordered the free cardboard replacement case, and then avoided like the plague after that!

But still, it’s The Simpsons and I’m totally getting this set when it comes out, as well as any of the others if they do end up making it a product line after all. Apparently right now this $199 set is the only one they have planned, although rumors also have it that the next series of Collectible Minifigs will be themed after The Simpsons, so that would be kind of cool – especially if they got sneaky about it and made it all of the minifigs except for these six to steer people towards buying the house. 😯

Here’s a cool, little walkthrough video from Lego themselves going through the set as well as showing off some of the earlier prototypes for the individual minifigs, too…

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