They’re here!!! I found them!!! The Simpsons Lego Minifigs have arrived!!!


Here I’ve been reading on Reddit that people are starting to find them popping up at random Walgreens and other stores, which kind of irritates me that stores aren’t respecting the release dates because it results in collectors swooping in and buying an entire case at a time … though admittedly I’m mostly just bitter because the Walgreens IN MY AREA didn’t have any when I looked at two different stores! 😛

But then on a very random whim this afternoon at Target, after checking the actual Lego aisle and coming up empty-handed as usual, I walked around the corner and caught a glimpse of an end-cap display with clouds on it, and upon closer inspection I found an almost already completely empty display of the minifigs that aren’t supposed to be released for another two weeks!

I ended up buying 10 packs – partially showing restraint because I would’ve felt a little bad clearing the shelves entirely the day before Easter when they make pretty good treats to stow inside of Easter eggs, and also partially because they’re marked at $3.99/each which personally feels a bit pricey for a single minifig and I hope isn’t a trend that’s going to continue much more into the future…

Anyways, overall I’m pretty pleased with my initial take – only 2 duplicates out of the 10, so that’s cool. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do about displaying them just yet because Marge’s hair is considerably higher than anyone else, and Scratchy’s tail isn’t exactly doing him any favors, either. It might be time to revisit that whole display anyways because after filling almost five base plates at this point, there are a number of the bigger figs that I’ve had to separate from the rest of their series … which bugs me for reasons. 😕

That said, I like these ones so far – even though their heads don’t fit with the usual minifig design, I think being The Simpsons gains them a lot of ground in my book, so hopefully it won’t take me nearly as long to complete the full series, and I’m also getting pretty curious to see how the Lego episode of the show itself turns out coming up here on May 4th.


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