Three (+1) Positive Things for the Week of 11/23

Home Entertainment Shopping Spree!
Commencing in only a few hours, it looks like we’re actually going to do the bulk of our Black Friday shopping today because Best Buy actually has the new TV that we’re buying on sale all week, and because we’re financing everything, it seems as good a time as any to to a bit of other splurging at the same time as well! So we’re basically buying all of the new games that we’ll get for the next year … now!

Christmas Light Overhaul Extravaganza
Also on the renovation list this year is our Christmas light display because despite how much I love decorating, we didn’t even put anything up last year and a big part of it was because the lights we have are a total mess. In fact, after going dark last season I kind of committed to doing it right again this year, knowing that it was going to involve scrapping the bulk of what we already have and starting over with a new design for the entire house.

Which is fine, albeit expensive! Still, I never really decorated our last rental because I didn’t have a ladder tall enough, so our old lights were really focused around a house that we haven’t lived in for several years now … it’s time for a change!

Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up, Backin’ Up…
So an interim step to this post from the other day that I actually was able to complete was throwing at least a partial backup of files onto CrashPlan, which makes me feel a little safer that at least my photos from all across the years are now a little safer in the event I lose a hard drive like I’ve already had happen several times before! It cost me about $75 for an annual subscription and the files took about a day and a half to upload … for now it was mostly just writing and photos, but where I am in life now makes $75 to protect that kind of stuff a no-brainer.

Kind of looking forward to my next steps because I still have plenty of organization to handle, plus I’m curious to see just how Unlimited they really are if I opt to try uploading my DVD collection to them eventually as well, but I guess for now it’s just comforting knowing that I finally got around to backing up the tens of thousands of photos that I’ve been saying I really need to backup for years now… 😉

Memory Lane Photo Posts
I had a lot of fun with this little series. I was feeling particularly nostalgic that night and I can see myself doing some more of them in the future as I come across worthwhile photos. 😀

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