Hands down the coolest thing that has happened in a while – we were at the beach last week while Sara’s sister was in town and for a good 15-20 minutes while the three of us were just standing out in the water talking, we got to see some dolphins in the wild!!!

I didn’t see the first appearance, whereas Sara gasped out because she said the thing almost came up on top of me, but then a few minutes later we all together noticed a fin maybe 20-30 feet off in the distance, then it would disappear for a while, then eventually appear with another, and even a third. It was hard to tell how many were there in total because I think they were in two groups at one point, but at best sometimes they were maybe 15-20 feet away – just casually swimming around us while we watched for them to surface, and it was so cool.

I’ve tried to think back whether I’ve actually ever seen dolphins in the wild before or not. I’ve obviously seen them at Epcot and SeaWorld and other aquariums, but that might be it. On the other hand, my wife actually sent me a text message the morning we got married boasting that she’d seen two dolphins playing in the water from her room and this was only down the beach from there, so some six years later I guess I finally got to see mine! 🙂

Pumpkin Spice is Coming…
I’ve been really up in the air about whether I really want to do the site this year, but after picking up a couple of random things on my own volition and still enjoying them, I think that I’ll be doing something … just maybe not quite as overboard as I’ve done years in the past.

Billy Bass Graceland
Just the fact that this little slice of singing heaven exists gives me hope for our next family road trip. My favorite quote? “Almost all of them are brought by women…”

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