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I’ve been supposed to be working on another project for the last couple of days, but I’ve just been really stalled out and no amount of staring blankly at the screen and trying to avoid Internet distractions has been able to help get me back on track, so instead I thought I’d try something a little different.

I realized that I haven’t blogged here in about a week, so here are a few random brain drippings with the hope that their departure from my head will somehow lubricate my creative process into doing what it’s supposed to do once more… 🙄

Birthday #34
Birthdays just aren’t as fun and exciting when you’re in your 30’s as they were in the past. I guess it’s probably best that I have child now so that I can funnel that annual excitement into his celebrations. Would you believe that his half-birthday is coming up at the end of this month?! I sure as hell can’t!

Too Much Pizza
Is it even possible to eat too much? I think it might be because I found myself kind of grossed out by it the other day. Granted, it was one of those ready-made Little Caesars pizzas that kind of taste like plastic anyways … for some reason I have a memory in my head of them previously tasting a lot better than they do today, although granted that may be partially influenced by the number of birthday parties that I used to attend at our local Little Caesars

…which is gone now. I think there’s a Walgreens in that building or something? You really can never go home…

Every. Simpsons. Ever.
Apparently FXX’s 552-episode marathon of The Simpsons ended tonight. I watched it for a little while here and there … I wish I could’ve binged and watched as much as possible, but that writing thing mentioned above kind of preceded sitting on the couch and watching cartoons for 12 days straight!

A Very Merry Disney Christmas
I’m really looking forward to the holiday season this year because December is going to be filled with lots of company for us, which we typically don’t have because we don’t like to travel in the wintertime and most people have their own goings-on back home for Christmas. But this year will be cool because my sister & co are coming down the week before … and we’re trying to work out the details to spend it over at Disney World … and then as soon as she’s out, at least one of my cousins will be here for the next week, which will also be super cool because since I moved away I’ve really only ever seen them for weddings and funerals…

New Timeshare Owners!
Another exciting thing that seemed to take all summer was that Sara & I bought into the Disney Vacation Club, which is Disney’s timeshare program, and we’re really excited about that. A big part of the purchase was funded by some money that I inherited from my grandparents after my Grandpa died in January … I knew that I wanted to use it in a way that I could remember them both for years to come, and so 28 years of vacations over at Disney seemed like a pretty good investment once we finally found a DVC resale that fit the bill!

We’re hoping to be able to use our new points for the previously mentioned Christmas Disney trip, though we haven’t gotten our membership cards yet and I hear that reservations in December are pretty hard to come by. I’m very curious to see firsthand how easy reservations in general are to book, both during peak times like Christmas as well as just random weekends on short notice, because that’s going to greatly impact how we use our membership in the years to come.

Food / Diet / Bleh…
I don’t want to talk about this one.

No,  seriously – the past couple of weeks have been very much a rut in multiple ways, but tonight was a little better food-wise, so maybe that will be a turning point? I know that Sara’s really frustrated herself lately, so I’m hoping that maybe if we’re both on the same page at the same time, that’ll help us both start to move in the right direction just a bit.

Plus, both our fridge and pantry desperately need a good cleaning out, so I think that might happen this week in support of these efforts.

I guess it’s bedtime now.
So much for getting back into the groove tonight! I guess we’ll just have to see where we stand tomorrow and then go from there, but I’m also trying to somewhat get my sleep schedule less ridiculous so I’m trying not to let myself stay up writing (or not writing) all night anymore.

I’ve never really been a scheduling person, but it would probably do me a lot of good. 😛

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