I love buying toys for my kid!

Everybody said that this Christmas would really be the one to remember because unlike last year when he was less than a year old and still crawled everywhere to and fro, a year later he’s very much vibrant and alive and full of energy, and even though it certainly makes him a bit tougher to keep up with, there are definitely other benefits to his newfound interactivity as well…

Even long before Christopher was born, I’ve always loved me some Toys ‘R Us and could spend hours getting lost in their aisles, perusing and goofing off like any kid at heart does, but now that I’ve got an accomplice … a mini-me of sorts to gawk and giggle at the multitude of toys right along with his old man … wandering around our favorite neighborhood toy store has become a whole new level of fun!

It’ll be interesting to see how it is when he gets a little older and really wants all of these things for himself because right now I’m a horrible influence as a parent when we visit Toys ‘R Us. Case in point is the same Elmo that you see aside my bubbly son in the picture above … here we are – only two weeks until Christmas – and do you think that I put his red, furry friend back on the shelf with the notion that maybe Santa will bring him for Christmas if he’s REALLY good?!

Heck no!

Elmo came home with us tonight, along with a new Lego set for me and a couple of random Christmas gifts for others in the family who I promise aren’t me or Christopher. But just as *I* can’t set foot inside of a Toys ‘R Us as a 35 year-old adult without picking out a new toy for myself, it just doesn’t seem right that my son – my own flesh and blood – should have to suffer a worser fate than I!

So yeah, I grew up pretty spoiled and I fully intend to raise my own son the exact same way. I mean, I turned out alright, didn’t I??? 😉

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