A few photos from our visit to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party the other night!

The evening was fun, but it seemed like there was more going on than at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which made it kind of hard to enjoy just because it felt like we were rushing and splitting up a lot to hit the things that we wanted to hit. I think if you just did characters and trick or treating it might’ve been better, but we also fit not really that many attractions into our evening (maybe 3???) and the sacrifice was decent viewing areas for both the fireworks and the parade.

I think that was hands down the biggest challenge to me – you have to go deeper into the park for everything else, yet you really want to be on Main Street for the parade and fireworks, and when you’ve only got 5 hours to work with, it’s simply too much running back and forth if you’ve also got a couple of strollers in tow.

Although I’d probably be willing to give it another try, I’m not sure what I’d change at this point … 5 hours is really rough with how big the Magic Kingdom is. But at least we all had fun! 😉

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