Dream Journal : Escape From Toyland…

December 24, 2015 1:43pm
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It started off as a random vacation to an exotic place … Africa, I think.

We had spent the day out viewing wildlife in the desert or something, and were on our way back to the resort where we were staying. The resort itself was isolated from the rest of the country with armed guards and a large, intimidating entry point, which for the time being we all thought was a good thing.

Back inside, I had wanted to try and upload a few pictures of the lions and other scenery that I’d just seen, but instead we found ourselves wandering around this area where everything was made out of Legos – from the trees to the benches, everything – yet something didn’t feel quite right.

It was when I took a closer look and noticed that they weren’t actually Legos, but some weird knock-off that I decided to do a little digging…

Wandering away from the group, I entered one of the buildings and quickly deduced that I wasn’t supposed to be there because it was filled with very nondescript hallways and secret passages. As I made my way deeper into the complex, I overheard some of our guides talking about our group and mentioning that “it was about time to turn us” … and a couple of rooms later I discovered what that actually meant when I walked in on another group of visitors being turned into toys.

Some were life-sized versions of themselves, but in toy-form, while others started at that point and then were quickly broken down into bricks to be used for building the mock Legoland that we’d previously been exploring.

At that point I ran and eventually found my way back to the others to try and warn them, but at the same time we were being led into another area where the transformation was to take place. I was able to break away with a couple of my closer friends, though we were heavily pursued as I ran through the secret hallways that connected the toy areas until one guy finally discovered this strange, artificial land that looked like it might be able to transport us out of there and back home.

This new area was kind of like an interactive encyclopedia, and pulling up a random area we disappeared from the complex and went deeper into the program, though later he explained that we’d never really left and were just hidden from discovery the whole time we were gone. Eventually the program itself slipped apart – we thought we had been discovered, but instead we were back at the very entrance to the resort and at that point we’d thought we could make a clean getaway…

The way we’d originally gotten into this trip was by winning a prize, however this was where we learned that winning wasn’t exactly the right word to describe it. Up on a giant, digital board were dozens of names – ours included, but also some very famous ones – and we watched as it began to spin to calculate who would be the next to win trips to the resort.

At first we thought we were in the clear because all of these other names had filled the list instead of ours, yet what we didn’t realize was that the wealthy people were able to buy special favors to swap their own names out with other people’s and so one by one we then watched them subsequently disappear back off of the list as they got replaced once again with our own.

Realizing that the system knew we’d escaped and that someone would soon be coming for us, the two of us that were on the list tried to run again and quickly got split up. I was about to run back into Toyland to evade my pursuers when he suddenly reappeared, though something didn’t seem right. It was then that he slipped and crashed to the floor in a pile of bricks – whether they’d sent a toy clone of him after me or they’d actually gotten to him already and changed him, I wasn’t sure.

The dream ended with me changing myself into a box of cereal to escape, with pieces flying everywhere that I knew they’d never be able to collect all of to reassemble me…

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