Three Positive Things for the Week of 4/12

Flowers & Rain & Meats & Mouse Ears
Had an awesome day yesterday over at Disney, starting at Epcot for the Flower & Garden Festival that segued into a mini Food & Wine Fest, followed by an unexpected dinner at ‘Ohana to avoid the rain and an even more unexpected view of Wishes from the Poly that featured the Electric Water Pageant floating by, and finally culminating with a midnight walk around a nearly empty Magic Kingdom … it was pretty swell!  :mrgreen:

Belated Easter with a 1 Year-Old
Monday night we ended up “doing Easter” because Sara had to work all weekend and we figured that Christopher is still too young to really tell the difference anyways. We quickly learned that one is way too young to even attempt dyeing eggs, but seemed to have fun “finding” the eggs that we’d hidden in plain sight for him around the play room. I suppose next year we’ll probably have to actually put something inside of them! 😕

Smiling by the Lights
I love how right now Christopher is absolutely mesmerized by something as simple as turning the light in his bedroom on and off – when I’m carrying him and I reach up for the switch, he’ll stare at the light all wide-eyed and giggle when I flick it off, giggling again while looking away as I turn it back on and off a few more times to his amusement. It’s probably something that I’ll regret when he figures out how to do it himself and starts burning out bulbs like mad, but for now it’s a lot of fun. 😉

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