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February 22, 2016 7:49pm
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I don’t know how it happened, but apparently it’s already almost the end of February in this new year 2016 of ours.

I think I would argue that so far this year life has been busier than most, though admittedly it could just be that we’ve got way too much stacked up to do at the same time. Of course, birthday planning for Christopher’s #2 has been taking place since roughly December 26th, and getting ready to stuff another IVF bun in the oven has made hormones fun for my better half. High expectations at work have certainly made juggling “free time” a bit more complicated than usual, not to mention trying to get random stuffs in line financially for that post-baby time that could be upon us as earlier as about 10 months from now, or so I’m told! 😯

New Years resolutions, humor writing, the general wearing of pants … it’s true that the list of things I’ve omitted so far this year isn’t small by any stretch of the imagination, though for what it’s worth I do have these goofy photos of my son in an attempt to make up for this particular downfall…

I guess the important takeaway that I have here today is that although 2016 has been very busy and it most certainly hasn’t gone quite as I had planned for these initial 53 days, it’s still been productive in many other ways. We filed our taxes exceptionally early this year, that aforementioned work work is definitely building towards something, and despite our schedules being absolutely bonkers, we’ve still managed to spend a fair amount of time doing family things like taking Christopher to the local children’s museum or reinvigorating our fear of heights some 400 feet above the Earth, a la The Orlando Eye.

At this rate it wouldn’t really surprise me if brace for change is kind of the unofficial theme of the year, which as much as I’ve always been one to hate change so, so much, I suppose it doesn’t really have to be so bad as long as you make an effort to keep things in perspective. It can definitely be frustrating because I’m used to meticulous plans and organization as long as they don’t involve time, but one thing I think I’m getting a little better at accepting as I get older is that there will be some days when you’re uber productive and get to spend every last ounce of the day writing and developing and creating and there will be others where sometimes you’re lucky just to get in a shower, a load of laundry, and that one thing that ends up taking 10x longer than expected because … reasons. 😛

Anywho – I’m not really sure how much I’ll be blogging this year. It could just be a little, and for all I know I could post another five things yet this week! Right now life is this sort of crazy, whirlwind-tornado sandwich, but truth be told it’s also still pretty awesome so right now I’m just trying to hold onto that as we inch our way through 2016 here one silly face at a time…

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