I’ve been listening to this song in the car a lot lately. It’s a nice, peaceful song – written about a highway in Northern Michigan that I used to drive quite a bit. In fact, I actually saw The Verve Pipe live back when I was in college … they were playing at a school that a friend went to and we played one of their albums on repeat the entire ride back, ironically, as we drove down US-131 to take another friend back to his own school.

They were a great live band and admittedly I’ve been enjoying a bit of nostalgia in listening to them during my quick, 10-15 minute drives around town. A great mix of both hard rock and melodious music, here’s a selection of my all-time favorites of theirs…

  • Hero (from The Verve Pipe – 1990)
  • Headlines (from The Verve Pipe – 1990)
  • Half a Mind (from The Verve Pipe – 1990)
  • Ominous Man (from Villains – 1996)
  • Villains (from Villains – 1996)
  • Cup of Tea (from Villains – 1996)
  • Colorful (from Underneath – 2001)
  • Veneer (from Villains – 1996)

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