Writing Prompt Sundays – My Next Five Years…

Writing Prompt – Write about the goals you’d like to work toward in the next five years.

In five years’ time, I’ll be 46 years old.

The kids will be 12 (6th grade) and 9 (3rd grade).

If I continue at the same job that I have today, I’ll have been with them for 22 years!

Over the last few months, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about goals near and far, so I’m honestly not sure if most of them are much of a surprise…

  • I’d like to continue working towards taking better care of my health. This is probably the most important one – for obvious reasons.
  • I’d like to have built and moved into our dream house, so here’s hoping that real estate and construction costs have dropped considerably before then!
  • I’d like to go on some fun adventures with our family once COVID-19 is finally behind us, including travels out of state and possibly even under the sea… 😉
  • I’d like to explore some new avenues with my writing, and also continue adding more books to my bookshelf – both digitally and in person.
  • In general, I’d like my life to be less stressful and more within my control so that I can better focus on the things that are really important to me.

I actually think that every one of these are pretty reasonable goals for a five-year period if I’m able to practice what I’ve learned lately about making small, impactful changes over time. None of these are things that I’d expect to solve over a single year, but five years gives a person a lot of time to work with as long as you’re actually willing to put in the work.

And I’m not saying that by 46 I want to own a theme park or write The Great American Novel, though the money from the latter would be nice for funding that dream house of mine!

My goals are really to be more or less of healthy, reasonably wealthy, and just wise enough to fill a few tombs with my thoughts for my own amusement. With enough time and inspiration, how hard could that be?!

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