20 Years of Blogging, Baby!

I’m honestly kind of impressed that LiveJournal’s servers are even still up!)

20 years ago when I made my first LJ post, I was living in my Mom’s basement, about four months away from packing up my life and moving to Florida.

Now I’ve got a family, and a mortgage, and across all of my writing I’ve managed to pen a couple of million words along the way.

Though I’m not sure if I aspire to be a full-time writer anymore because over the years I’ve found that it’s exceptionally hard, creating will always hold a special place in my heart and seeing how technology has made it easier just in the last two decades is pretty exciting!

Case in point – I believe I wrote that first post in 2003 on my first laptop … which was tethered to a 50-foot Ethernet cable across the basement floor because the wifi card I had rarely worked.

Mind you, public wifi was basically nonexistent and cellular data was barely a blip yet.

Here in 2023, on the other hand, I’m writing this post from an app on my phone while my kids are playing at a trampoline park for their cousin’s birthday!

The future is admittedly pretty cool!

And we’ll see where it goes over the next twenty years … will I be posting via neural implant, approaching five or even ten million words, and who knows – maybe even a third humor book?!

Here’s to the next 20, and if LiveJournal is still up by then, I’ll eat my next book!

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