Dream Journal : Why Is Donald Trump Here???

I was just lounging in a hotel room, watching TV when suddenly Donald Trump appeared in front of me!

He was wearing a suit like usual, but was completely alone, and he just started chatting normally – not all shouty and crazy like usual – and then sprawled out across the bed next to me as if we were two teenage girls talking about boys we’d seen down in the food court or something!

He had with him a poster board covered with a bunch of squares of paper, focusing on a pink one that he compared to a stack of paper on the nightstand beside me as he defended that the color he had was a lot more pink on TV than it looked there in the room.

I agreed and laughed, telling him that apparently there was something he could say that I didn’t immediately disagree about, and he thought that was funny.

Then he got up and left the room, and I immediately went around checking all of the doors to make sure the deadbolts were in place.

The next day I was driving a golf cart around the resort where we were staying and we saw Trump off in the distance, just wandering around talking to people, and we both remarked that it seemed odd for the Secret Service to let him do that.

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