Looks like 2023 was busier than I thought!

  • Learned how to pan fry fish and shrimp
  • Took two vacations to our new favorite getaway, Vero Beach
  • Loved every minute of The Super Mario Bros Movie at the theater
  • Visited Kennedy Space Center and saw a rocket launch
  • Flew in a private jet with my Dad and sister to bring him home for hospice
  • Fully committed to homeschooling our kids
  • Took the kids on their first airplane flights, watched them drive a boat, and kiss the moose
  • Memorialized my Dad at the camp we used to visit
  • Played in multiple ball pits
  • Learned a lot about kidney transplants
  • Went on some great field trips with our homeschooling group
  • Built a home gym in my garage
  • Swam with a manatee in the wild with my family
  • Spent some much needed time listening to the ocean
  • Had two surgeries in preparation for my failing kidneys
  • Walked 25 miles with Coach Christopher
  • Celebrated Christmas with both sides of the family

So here’s to a 2024 filled with good health and more great memories! 🥳

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