blogging from 38,000 feet

June 13, 2013 12:35pm
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Well, as much as one can “blog” when they’ve got their laptop wedged between their gut and the reclined seat in front of them, anyways.

Yeah, lady – I’m talking about YOU!!!

…she’ll probably never read this… 😛

So we’re en route from Tampa to Michigan to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday this weekend. I’m actually blogging from the plane, which I know isn’ t really anything new anymore, but I’ve never done it so it’s new to me. And I can kinda see why I’ve never done it – the amount of space between these seats even without throwing a laptop into the mix is enough to push my claustrophobia into hyperdrive!

It doesn’t help that we’re literally in the last row on the plane, so our seats don’t recline … PLUS the lady in front of me still insists on reclining hers.

I definitely need to remember to do the online check-in earlier for our return flight!  😕


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