Much Love for the LEGO Minifigs!

August 8, 2011 10:21pm
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Also while over at Downtown Disney, we wandered into the LEGO store and I found a bunch more of the collectible minifig series’, which I thought was kind of cool because I haven’t been able to get any in a while on account of both Walmart and Target bumping them for shelf space. They had a bin each of series 3 and 4, so I grabbed a couple and ended up getting them mostly free from some points that apparently I had saved up…

Granted, I probably need to find some shelf space for these little guys because I’m running out of space on my desk, but I do think that they’re a neat idea and I’m glad to see that LEGO is already getting ready to put out a 5th series of minifigs here shortly. They’re kind of like trading cards for people who like to build things, and I guarantee you if these had been around back when I was a kid, I probably wouldn’t have even had the slightest interest in all of those football cards that I collected despite not really even liking the sport growing up!

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  1. […] you just deal with a series at a time … figure that I’ve been collecting them now since 2011-ish, and when I started they were on Series 3 or 4. Now five years later there are a total of 21 […]

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