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"Your Source for Humor on the Internet..., featuring interviews, columns, and comics from the web's top humorists, as well as the largest joke database on the Internet and enough time-wasters to make your mundane workday just fly by...

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Home of my weekly humor column, appropriately enough titled The Humor Column, stop by every Friday for wacky fun about all of the random things that amuse me!

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The Humor Column

Home of my weekly humor column, stop by every Friday for wacky fun about all of the random things that amuse me!

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My Time with the Mouse...

My love of Disney World knows no bounds, from dining reviews to travel tips to even a bit of satire about The Most Magical Place on Earth...

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Love Me Some Pumpkin!

Pumpkins never seem to get the love that they deserve - this goofy, seasonal blog of mine is a meager attempt to change that perspective.

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My personal blog on this very website, covering everything from nostalgia, rants, geeky stuff, and other random life happenings...

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Scott's Thoughts

A space for editorial musings that are (hopefully) a bit more thought out than my random blog rants...

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Awesome Kids Books

Featuring A is for Awesome - the first in a new series of kids books written by my sister and me ... with monkeys and dinosaurs and pizza and ninjas, never before has learning the alphabet been this awesome!

Ink, Paint & Tears...

A light-hearted, two-panel comic strip that I used to create a few years ago with my sister, Lori, feel free to peruse our archives or even buy a copy of the beautiful, full-color book to relive the wacky fun again and again!


A site I designed for my local D&D group here in Tampa - we host weekly LFR adventures and new players are always welcome, for anyone looking to roll some dice and have a little fun!

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