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May 21, 2011 1:45pm
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So as you may have eluded from yesterday’s late night, adorable picture, we got a puppy.

She’s a beagle, barely 8 weeks old, adopted from someone who was fostering a pregnant momma beagle that came to Florida from Alabama. It’s a possibility that the father is a pointer, but no way to know for sure … we were just told that because of this, she could be upwards of 40-50 lbs, whereas beagles normally clock out in the low-20s.

Just between you and me, I really hope that she doesn’t get upwards of 50 lbs!

Anyways, her name comes from the first time we met her a couple of weeks ago – seeing how she liked to wait until all five of her brothers and sisters were asleep in a big pile, then climb her way to the top to claim her own bed, we came up with Cleopatra, Queen of the Pile, which even in her new home she’s already been exploiting more than she probably knows by giving Sara and I a constant run for our money! Sara put her in her cage last night to give her a chance to clean up some poop on the floor and I think Cleo lasted maybe 37 seconds of whining before yours truly came running in to spring her from puppy jail…

She’s been a lot of fun, though. Already we’ve learned that she’s afraid of beach balls, she doesn’t really care for her leash, although so far she’ll stick close even without it, and she’s curious about the pool … from behind the security of the safety fence, anyways! She’s very much a Momma’s girl (simply because Sara has spent the most time with her), and two days in, she’s yet to actually sleep in her own bed simply because we thought the only way we’d be able to get any of our own would be to just let her crash with us!

Of course, I’m being rapidly reminded of just how big of a puppy pushover I am, and also of just how much of this whole puppy raising thing that I lucked out of when Mom and Lori were raising Brandi! I honestly don’t really remember ever cleaning up after her or putting food out for her – aside from her occasionally peeing on my friends when they came over, that dog and I had a pretty good relationship. I am looking forward to her getting a little older so we can actually take her on walks outside of our own backyard, and the whole not peeing in my office or stealing my sandals will be nice, too, but I suppose that only comes one day at a time…

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