2014 Holiday Advent Blog – Merry Belated Christmas!!!


  1. Baby’s First Christmas
  2. A Giant Tree Made of Legos
  3. Just Laugh’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
  4. Frozen Christmas Lights
  5. Holiday Snackses!
  6. And a Christmas Tree for Baby, Too!
  7. So Much to Do, So Little Time…
  8. Caroling with Captain Picard & The Avengers
  9. A Neighborhood of Dancing Lights
  10. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
  11. Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights!!!
  12. Warm Hugs from Northern Michigan…
  13. Family Photos
  14. The Holidays are Swell!
  15. Bullshit.
  16. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
  17. More Disney Christmas!!!
  18. Baby’s First Christmas, Ornament Edition
  19. 8-Bit Cinema: A Christmas Story
  20. Holiday Exhaustion
  21. Exterior Decorating
  22. The Sevener Family Christmas Card
  23. Baby Meets Santa Claus
  24. Just Laugh Holiday Humor

Bonus Posts:

I didn’t get a chance to wrap things up yesterday between staying up until 4:30am helping Santa and then all of the wonderful Christmas Day festivities to follow, but needless to say it was a pretty great – albeit fast – holiday season!!!

But I’ll tell you, it was so much fun watching Christopher react to everything new, from the lights to the characters over at Disney to of course his extended family and the veritable smorgasbord of presents that he found himself traversing around the Christmas tree come yesterday. As a side note, our little guy also just so happened to turn nine months old on Christmas Day, so it’s kind of crazy not only to think that we’ll be celebrating his first birthday here in only three months now, but also that next year we’ll be doing this all over again with a much larger baby boy who by then will be walking and talking when it comes time to celebrate this glorious season once more in 2015! 😯

Happy Christmas to all, and may your new year be as exciting and amazing as I have little doubt mine is going to be…



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