Arrgh, mateys…

Well, Survivor: Pearl Islands kicked off last night and once again, I can tell you already that my Thursday evenings for the next three months have already been planned out! A lot of folks complain because the show repeats and does the same stunts over and over, but I guess I just don’t see it – this one has the potential to be the best one yet…we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold, though. So far I’m liking the ‘Drake’ tribe the most, as they’ve got the least amount of annoying players – at least they’ve only got two cocky guys and they pretty much keep to themselves! As far as I’m concerned, “Young Ryan” is the only admirable player that the ‘Morgan’ tribe has and they would’ve voted him out last night, had it not been for Nicole spreading herself too thin too quickly. I don’t think I really care for Lillian, either, just because she seems so out of her element (despite the BSA deal), but I collectively hate the rest of the group even more, so that pulls her out of the spotlight for now.

But let’s face it – the Drake tribe has several cute chicks, a fiesty hippie, and someone who can actually speak the language of the land, so they’re clearly the stronger tribe for the time being. I’m a little leary of what’s going to happen next week, as the previews showed Blackbeard getting a little testy about the fishing, but chances are it’ll turn out to be nothing – I’m watching regardless! It may be a matter of getting up at five o’clock in the morning to drive my ass some eight hundred miles down to Chattanooga and still catch the show by 8:00 PM, but I’m watching!!!

And yes, that leaves only six more nights here in sub-arctic Northern Michigan! Okay, it’s still 58 degrees, but I hear that’s freezing where I’m headed! So much to do, so little time – I’ve got a few more things I want to blog about, but that’ll have to come in spurts tonight as you can only imagine just how much I have to do in the next several days…

Like right now, I need to go pick up a pizza, and that’s only the beginning!

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