Kick out the jams

I’m looking for music – more specifically, good music that I haven’t heard before.

The album of driving music that I’m preparing for next week is still about thirty discs short of being full and I’m sadly running out of ideas for what to include. The key thing to note here is that I’m only putting in albums that I haven’t heard before – familiar bands and even songs are ok, but I want some new stuff to experience on the ride down, so any suggestions are more than welcome! I’m open to just about any type of rock, with an emphasis on acoustic performances lately, as well as jazz, island-type music, and even some pop as well…also lots of comedy! The only comedy albums I’ve got in there right now are the new Robin Williams album, a Rodney Carrington that I missed earlier, an older Henry Rollins and a compilation of Dennis Miller rants – it’s a tough category to fill because I’ve heard so much material, but I have faith in y’all!

So please post any and all suggestions – no comment is too stupid! If nothing else, you don’t want me stuck listening to talk radio while driving through the bible belt of America, do you?!


  1. This might make it a bit easier…

    Here’s a list of what I already have:
    Alternative / Modern Rock
    3 Doors Down – Away From the Sun
    Barenaked Ladies – All Their Greatest Hits
    Blessed Union of Souls – The Singles
    Michelle Branch – Hotel Paper
    Kelly Clarkson – Thankful
    Eve 6 – It’s All in Your Head
    Neil Finn – Seven Worlds Collide
    Goo Goo Dolls – Gutterflower
    Jack Johnson – On and On
    John Mayer – Any Given Thursday
    Sister Hazel – Chasing Daylight
    Third Eye Blind – Out of the Vein
    Tonic – Head On Straight

    Classic Rock
    Bryan Adams – Best of Me
    Jimmy Buffett – Meet Me in Margaritaville
    Billy Joel – The Essential
    Elton John – Greatest Hits 1970 – 2002
    Huey Lewis and the News – Time Flies
    Bob Seger – Greatest Hits

    Rodney Carrington – Nut Sack
    Henry Rollins – Black Coffee Blues
    Robin Williams – Live 2002

  2. Re: This might make it a bit easier…

    – Anything by the Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes, or The 6ths
    – Stereolab – Lo Boob Oscillator
    – Beta Band – Dry the Rain

    I don’t know if that’s exactly what you wanted, but oh well.

  3. Re: This might make it a bit easier…

    Oh also, as for comedy, I’m assuming you’ve already heard Lewis Black’s stuff, but if you haven’t I’d heartily recommend it, and Eddie Izzard’s “Glorious” CD.

  4. Re: This might make it a bit easier…

    I’m still trying to get my hands on Lewis’ new one, End of the Universe, but I’ve got the White Album and I’ve listened to it about a hundred times! The same with Eddie Izzard, which I might in fact end up burning anyways, because I can’t seem to find anything of his that I haven’t heard recently.


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