Have wizards, will travel…

Mom surprised me the other day with a copy of the new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which was extremely cool because I hardly said a word about the book, except that there was a big release party planned downtown Friday night for all of the kiddies. (No, I didn’t go – there’s just something about a 22-year-old guy running around in a cape that’s just got creepy written all over it…) Unfortunately, I can’t even start reading it yet because I’m still a book behind, but I did start on #4 last night and as fast as I blew through the others, it shouldn’t be long before I’m stuck on all of the hype like everybody else…

In other news, it seems that just as I got caught up on my latest deadlines, two or three new ones jumped on board, which don’t get me wrong is a very good thing, to still be in work and all, but it’s still a bit stressful. This week, however, I do get to write about festivities for the 4th of July, which are pretty much limited to fireworks and sparklers up around here, so hopefully that’ll be a little easier than, oh say, writing about golf. And of course, the week following that will be featuring our illustrious Alpenfest, which I’ll be covering a little more “tastefully” than I have in the past.

A few of our readers though it was funny, but hey – what do a million or so complete strangers know, anyways?


  1. I guess that could be cool.

    Let’s just keep it quiet about the cape, though, ok? I’ve yet to find a member of the opposite sex over the age of eleven who thought it was cool.

    “It’s like meeting the girl of your dreams, and finding out she’s five. Isn’t it ironic?”

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