That’s a lot of compruder!

$5m boost to trilogy’s finale

Peter Jackson’s special-effects company Weta Digital is reaching deep into its chest of high-tech sword and sorcery to complete the final instalment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King.

It has just taken delivery of 588 IBM blade servers, each with two 2.8 gigahertz Intel Xeon processors, in a deal which on list prices would be approaching $5 million.<<FULL STORY>>


Weta thinks big for finale

Supplier IBM has begun delivering 1174 blade servers, each with dual 2.8 gigahertz Xeon Intel processors and 6 gigabytes of memory.

Weta technical head Scott Houston says about 3200 processors will be running flat out next month on The Return of the King, making Weta Digital the largest Intel-based high-performance computing centre in the world by Intel’s estimation.<<FULL STORY>>

I love the Internet, where a different slant is born every minute! I was fairly impressed with the computing power behind the first story, but then I found this second one and I just want to know – which is it?! Either way, this is still one of the very few movies I’m actually looking forward to this year – hopefully it’ll make up for The Hulk and The Matrix: Reloaded and all of the other crap we’ve been subjected to so far…

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