I’m feeling extremely old…

Well, the concert last night was…very, very, very loud…and that’s about all I can say without being harsh! I drove Lori and one of her friends down to Grand Rapids for the day to see a band that she had been dying to see, and although it was probably the worst sound that I’ve ever heard come out of a PA system ever, including that one year at the high school talent show, I’m pretty sure that she had a good time, so I guess taking one for the team is an ok option at this point. I actually even considered going out to the car and bringing back a book to read because pondering the latest fashion trends got boring after a while – combat boots, knee socks, and a schoolgirl skirt, topped off with fishnet everything and pink hair – I guess that’s what happens when the kiddies these days are allowed to dress themselves! There was also one girl that was dressed exactly like a waitress, but apparently she wasn’t one, which was both odd and slightly obnoxious because it meant that much more time trying to find someone that actually would like to bring me another beer. Overall, it was a very loud, blood-curdling experience, but then again, I do remember some people saying the same thing when I went to see a little band called Aerosmith for the first time, so I suppose that each generation should be allowed its Partridge Family!

On the upside, it did give me a chance to catch up with Courtney for a few hours, which was something that I really needed, even though I didn’t quite realize it at the time. She’s got this funny way of bringing life back into perspective for me and helping me to know which things I should actually be sweating about and which ones are just there to keep the backdrop colorful. It’s good to have some aspects of your life that will always remain constant, despite the ever-growing whirlwinds that lead us from day to day without so much time to stop and think, let alone be reminiscent every now and then. Even though it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the lines open as the years fly by, I like to think that in the end there will still be somebody there that can put my life back into perspective for me one last time, and you just don’t meet people like that every day so it certainly is important to hold onto the ones you’ve got.

Precious and few are the moments we spend together, so smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em…


  1. But the real question is: was it moving text? Do you feel better off, having read the large magnitude of text which I have placed before you? Have I, in fact, really made a difference by sharing my feeble life experiences with the world???

    Just curious.

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