Will you be my friend? Seriously…I have money…


What’s up with this – are people really this desperate nowadays?! Online personals and dating were bad enough, but now we’ve got online “let’s just be friends”? I guess I just don’t understand the logic behind this one – instead of actually enjoying my love for water and SCUBA diving by frequenting dive stores and exploring the deep blue seas, thereby meeting new people through physical interaction, with the help of Friendster I can simply tell everyone that I like diving and all that it entails from the comfort of my personal computer, thus completely eliminating the hassles of going to the beach and swimming underwater and actually seeing chicks in their bikinis right from the get go. Does society really need another reason to not have to leave the house and go outside once in a while???

Actual quotes from Friendster fanatics:
“I like your profile…maybe we can play tennis sometime.”

“We all know that meeting people out in the wild is a risky proposition.”

“Friendster is a great interactive site with innovative interactive capabilities allowing users to ‘break the ice’ and communicate with other possible friends.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen – Friendster, because going out in public and carrying on an actual conversation is something that nobody should ever have to do…ever.

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