Mountain Dew “Livewire” – Orange Ignited!

Well, I tried a bottle of the new and improved Mountain Dew because I just had to know for myself. I had heard several different reports, some that it was way too sweet and tasted like orange syrup and others that it was actually quite refreshing. As far as I’m concerned, it was alright, but nothing to get all excited about. Personally, I liked it just fine ten years ago when it was called Orange Crush

Nonetheless, I do hope that these cola experimentations continue because eventually they’re gonna have to give grape another try and I think grape is one of the most overlooked flavors that could be enjoyed in a carbonated form. Yeah, I know that Faygo and a bunch of other knock-offs already have purple-flavored drinks, but unless it has a name-brand on the label, I’m just not interested.

I’m somewhat of a consumer whore like that.

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