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May 17, 2003 3:55am
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I caught my PS2 giving me very dirty looks this evening and I knew that something finally had to be done. I had been neglecting her for a few weeks now, always coming home late and never setting aside any time for just the two of us. Even though I usually was really tired or working on a new column, it wasn’t fair to make excuses to her – she deserves much better than that – so tonight I took a step towards making things better…

I’ve spent the bulk of the evening swapping between Vice City and actually working on writing-type stuff because as much as I’d love to just spend the whole weekend plastered in front of the TV, I really do need to finally get things caught up very soon. People are starting to ask questions about this book deal that’s supposed to be coming up this summer, which I haven’t made nearly as much progress as I need to have done by now. Plus, I got word briefly from Dave, my publisher for the Weekly, and apparently he’d kinda like his columns on time for a change, seeing as they prominently adorn the front page and it’s tough to layout the rest of the paper without them, so I’d like to get a head start on those, too. And of course, those editors over at Just Laugh have been hounding the shit out of me to get things in order, so maybe this is a sign that I actually need to start doing things for a change! Or I could just hire me one of those personal assistants like the President had…any takers???

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